the taste of the sea just a stone's throw from Capri's “Piazzetta”!

A fresh taste break to take with you as you explore the island

Calamore is a new format born from the friendship between Stash, voice of the musical band The Kolors, and Manuel D’Alessandro, entrepreneur in the food sector. It is not a fast food restaurant, but a place that offers seafood dishes with a contemporary concept, respecting the Italian culinary tradition. The genuineness is the basis of the project: nothing fried, a healthy cuisine with a particular attention to raw materials. A format suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy seafood as quick meals, to share in front of one of the most beautiful sunsets on Capri.

Taste of the sea, Pop style!

Halfway between tradition and the discovery of contemporary flavors, Calamore wins you over with its freshness

The offer of Calamore is located halfway between tradition and discovery of contemporary flavors, through a large and highly customizable menu, designed to ensure the highest quality in every single dish offered: from the original CuopPoke to squid skewers, passing through a line of sea sandwiches, stuffed with cod, octopus carpaccio, tuna, salmon and much more. But you can also enjoy octopus salads or cuttlefish and marinated fish, as well as some proposals not from the sea: from Calamore the flavors and smells of Neapolitan cuisine are felt more alive than ever.

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